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A pair of heart-shaped cut sapphires of rare beauty, left: parti (2.4 ct) right: teal (3.25 ct)

Green Sapphire ​Collection​

Introducing Claudia Gemstones' breathtaking green Sapphires collection, a captivating array of one of the world's most sought-after precious gems. Our Sapphires, sourced from the finest mines, exhibit a mesmerizing range of colors, from the classic deep blue to rare and exotic hues like pink, yellow, and orange.

Among these, our Green Sapphires stand out with their vibrant, verdant tones that evoke the lush beauty of nature. These exquisite gems symbolize growth, renewal, and a connection to the earth, making them a unique and meaningful choice for any jewelry piece.

Each Sapphire is hand-selected by our expert gemologists for its exceptional quality, clarity, and color saturation, ensuring that every stone in our collection is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you're looking for a stunning centerpiece for an engagement ring, a sophisticated addition to your jewelry collection, or a unique gift for a loved one, Claudia Gemstones' Sapphires collection offers a treasure trove of options.

Explore our Green Sapphires and discover a gem that speaks to your style and captures your imagination with its unparalleled elegance and natural charm.

Vibrant Versatility: Explore the Splendour of Spinel

Spinel, with its array of brilliant colors from deep reds to vibrant blues, is celebrated for its exceptional vibrancy and durability. Our collection showcases Spinel in its most dazzling forms, each gem hand-selected for its depth of color and clarity. This often overlooked gemstone is perfect for those who seek both beauty and strength in their jewelry. Beyond its physical allure, Spinel is revered for its metaphysical properties, believed to reinvigorate and inspire. Discover the dynamic and diverse world of Spinel at Claudia Gemstones, where each stone tells a story of geological wonder and artistic mastery.

Orangy Peach Spinel - Cushion Cut - (3.2 ct)
Left:⁠ ⁠Orangy Red Spinel - Cushion Cut (1.4 ct) Right:⁠ ⁠Soft Purple Spinel - Emerald Cut (2.1 ct)
A pair of strongly coloured Cushion Cut Spinels, left:⁠ ⁠Red (1.7 ct) right:⁠ ⁠Blue (2.8 ct)
Left:⁠ ⁠Deep Red Spinel - Radiant Cut (2.1 ct) Right:⁠ ⁠Pinkish Red Spinel - Square Cut (1.6 ct)
Left: ⁠Blue - Cushion Cut (1.0 ct) Right:⁠ ⁠Purplish Pink - Pendeloque Cut (1.5 ct)
Left: ⁠Delicate Purple - Square Cut (2.2 ct) Right:⁠ ⁠Orangy Red - Cushion Cut (1.5 ct)
Freestyle Cut, Left:⁠ ⁠Light Purplish Pink (2.2 ct) Right:⁠ ⁠Sakura Pink (2.0 ct)
Left:⁠ ⁠Pinkish Red - Emerald Cut (1.7 ct) Right: ⁠Sakura Pink - Scissor Cut (2.3 ct)

Lunar Elegance: The Captivating Charm of Moonstone

Moonstone enchants with its soft, ethereal glow that captures the essence of moonlight. Celebrated for its mesmerizing play of color known as adularescence, this gemstone shifts from clear to a milky radiance as light dances across its surface. Ideal for those drawn to the mystical and serene, moonstone is not just visually stunning—it's also believed to bring calm, balance, and intuition to its wearer. Explore the delicate beauty of moonstone at Claudia Gemstones, where each piece is a tribute to the quiet mystery of the night sky.

Heart-shaped Cut (3.45ct)
Heart-shaped Cut (9.4ct)
Pear Cut (4.6ct)
Heart-shaped Cut (9.4ct)
Heart-shaped Cut, Left (1.95ct) Right (2.05ct)
Heart-shaped Cut (4.65ct)
Oval Cut (3.9ct)
Pear Cut, Left (1.8ct) Right (1.7ct)
Pear Cut (4.7ct)
Pear Cut, Left (2.05ct) Right (1.85ct)

Verdant Radiance: Discover the Lush Allure of Peridot

Peridot, with its vibrant green hues that range from olive to bright lime, embodies the lushness of nature in every facet. Known as the gem of the sun, this striking stone is prized for its refreshing color and crystal-clear depths. Peridot is not only a symbol of summer and renewal but is also believed to bring peace, health, and restful sleep to its wearers. Delve into the vibrant world of Peridot at Claudia Gemstones, where each gem captures the essence of spring's renewal and the warmth of the sun's rays.

Pear Cut 10.0x7.0x4.5mm (2.0ct)
Round Cut 10.0x10.0x6.0 (4.0ct)
Round Cut 8.0x8.0x5.0mm (2.4 ct)
Round Cut 10.0x10.0x6.0 (4.0ct)
Pear Cut, Left: 12.0x8.0x5.5mm (3.35 ct) Right: 13.0x8.0x5.5mm (3.65ct)
Emerald Cut 10.0x8.0x5.5mm (4.0ct)
Round Cut 9.0x9.0x5.0mm (2.5 ct)
Pear Cut 12.2x8.2x5.0mm (3.35ct)
Emerald Cut, 16.0x12.0x8.2mm (12.05ct)
Emerald Cut 12.0x9.9x7.0mm (5.25ct)

Dual Brilliance: The Captivating Charm of Ametrine

Discover the unique allure of our Ametrine collection, where each gem showcases a harmonious blend of amethyst and citrine hues. Known for its striking fusion of vibrant purple and golden yellow, Ametrine embodies balance and harmony. This rare gemstone is celebrated for its exceptional beauty and duality, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate both elegance and individuality. At Claudia Gemstones, our Ametrine pieces are meticulously selected for their quality and stunning color zoning, ensuring that every piece is a masterpiece. Embrace the captivating charm of Ametrine and let it add a touch of unparalleled beauty to your jewelry collection.

Emerald Cut 16.2x12.0x8.6mm (12.6ct)

Future Jewelry Concepts

In the realm of jewelry design, the fusion of traditional gemstones with cutting-edge generative AI technology is paving the way for revolutionary concepts that blend the best of nature and innovation. At Claudia Gemstones, we are exploring the forefront of this exciting synergy, where AI algorithms inspire designs that are not only unique but also deeply personal.

Imagine jewelry that adapts to your mood and outfit, dynamically altering its form and color. Using sensors integrated with AI, pieces could change their appearance based on the time of day or the weather, enhancing their interactivity and emotional connection with the wearer. Furthermore, AI can generate intricate patterns and structures impossible to achieve by human hands alone, allowing us to craft bespoke jewelry that resonates with the personal stories and styles of our customers.

These future concepts represent more than just aesthetic innovation; they embody a new way of thinking about how jewelry interacts with the wearer and their environment, making it an integral part of our digital and physical identities. As we continue to innovate, Claudia Gemstones remains committed to integrating these advanced technologies with our ethically sourced gemstones, ensuring that our creations remain as responsible as they are revolutionary.

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